Whatever I wear is made by Kavitha… She has become like my personal jewellery designer… I show her pics of my clothes and she suggests jewellery for it. I totally enjoy my time with Kavitha when I visit her .She customizes every piece according to the customer’s choice. She does not force or try to impose ideas on someone. She ultimately satisfies her clients to their heart’s content.


Have recommended to many and have got great feedback! Chingari has travelled the world so far! Classy. Fantastic customer service and a personal touch!!


Whenever I wear Chingari’s jewellery and go out there is not a single person who does not ask me about where I bought it …!!!


Good prices, good designs and customized service… 🙂


I like the designs and also the fact that you are flexible about making them and offer it to my choice. I like the designs that you offer and the quality of the product. And more importantly, I think your pricing is competitive


Sophisticated look…, Intrigued by the name for a brand of jewellery


I have been recommending to all my friends and will recommend more.. cos the brand is trustworthy; the designer is so warm and friendly.


I buy it because I know the artist. The personal touch is very important. Chingari customizes the jewellery. I like the accountability factor when dealing with someone. The prices are competitive and reasonable for a quality product. The array and variety of stones available is good